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Boeshield T9 - Protect your Leisure Pro sewing machine or any other sewing machine, metal product or bicycle from rust and corrosion.

•Corrosion Inhibition Meets BSS7220 and FED-STD-791, Method 4001 (Max. 3 dots 1mm per 10 square inches after 100 hours salt spray). Meets ASTM G-34 (Exfoliation Test).

•Water Displacement Meets MIL-C-16173D. Paragraph 46.11. No evidence of pitting, mottling, or staining.

•Penetrability Capillary height of rise 1.2″ minimum in bore ø=0.015″ at room temperature.

•Wet ability 30 dynes/cm.

•Flow Viscosity is 6 centistokes at 75±1°F.).

•Adhesion at Low Temperatures Flaking less than 1/32″ at -40±5K (MIL-O-16173D)

•Removability Aliphatic Naptha, Cleaning Solvent

•Solids 38%

•Flash Point Approximately 156°F. (TCC.)

•Coverage 500 to 1000 sq. ft. per gallon.

**** Cannot be sent by air freight - for UK sale only ***

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