Solent H-305-4 on stand
Solent H-305-4 on stand
Solent H-305-XLH-4
H-305-LH-4 on stand
Solent H-305-4 on stand
Solent H-305-4 on stand
Solent H-305-XLH-4
H-305-LH-4 on stand


Solent H-305 Professional with Table, Stand and Motor

£1,999.00 (ex VAT)

£2,398.80 (inc VAT)

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H-305-4 £1,999.00 (EX VAT) £2,398.80 (INC VAT)

Solent H-305 Professional, Walking foot, industrial sewing machine with tabletop, stand and motor for home and professional projects.

Sew sails, boat covers, canvas work, upholstery, home furnishings, leather, awnings, sail shades and other similar projects on this solid versatile machine.

This machine has a walking foot, top feed, large bobbin capacity and Solent designed "easy change over" cam system to sew Straight Stitch, Zig-Zag and 3 Step (6 point zig-zag). Using the Solent easy change over cam system you can switch between Zig-zag and 3 step in less than a minute. The industrial specification underarm clearance of 273mm allows easy handling of large sail and cover work.

Powered by an industrial servo motor the Solent H-305 Professional has slow speed control and high torque yet runs on a standard 220v supply. The steel stand (with table-top) is fitted with casters for easy movement around the home workshop or professional sail loft.

Zips and binding are easily sewn with custom attachments, and for the start-up business or first home project our optional professional packages include all accessories you will need.

With our 50+ years’ experience supplying the marine and industrial markets we have developed the perfect machine and service for sail loft, work room or home use.

This Machine Includes:

  • Stand on wheels, Tabletop and Servo motor
  • 10 needles, 135x17 size 110
  • 2 large capacity bobbins
  • Thread stand
  • Bobbin winder
  • Oil
  • Screw drivers
  • Drawer
  • Foot treadle & linkage

Optional equipment:

  • Puller feed with rubber roller - to help feed heavy / bulky products through the machine
  • Swing binder 1" (25mm) for applying edge binding
  • Needle and bobbin pack - 40 assorted needles, 10 bobbins, stitch un-picker and double ended cleaning brush
  • LED bendy light

Walking foot, zigzag and 3 step zigzag (6 point) sewing machine with:

  • Hook: full rotary, gear driven
  • Maximum sewing speed per min: 2,500 stitches (depends on model)
  • Max. straight stitch length: 5mm
  • Max. zigzag width: 10mm
  • Cam changeover with Solent easy change system
  • Needle System: 135x17, sizes 90 - 140 
  • Underarm space:
    • H-305-4 - 273 x 101mm
    • H-305-L-4 - 500 x 101mm
    • H-305-LH-4 - 500 x 152mm
    • H-305-XLH-4 - 775 x 152cm
  • Presser foot lift: hand lever 10mm

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