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World famous Olfa® rotary cutters, Olfa® art and craft knifes, Olfa® blades, Olfa® quilt rulers and Olfa®  self-healing mats.

Olfa tools are world renowned for high quality, efficiency, durability and with user safety importance; OLFA® maintain a commitment in providing high class premium products.

The superior quality of OLFA blades is the result of a multi-step production process.

Only the finest quality tool steel is selected for use.

During the manufacturing process for all OLFA blades,  adjustments are made to ensure hardness, sharpening angles, tapered dimensions, the coarseness of whetstone, the speed of grinding, etc. for every type, and ensure the blade has the best balance of high sharpness and longest blade life according to a usage.


We will be discontinuing Olfa. Please do not order when the product says 'available to backorder' - remaining stock is all we have. Thank you!

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