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The Solent Leisure Pro Sewing Machine with Essentials package features our long arm, heavy duty, portable, straight stitch &zigzag, walking foot sewing machine with the essential items needed to get you sewing immediately.

The Solent Leisure Pro Sewing Machine with Essentials and Carry Bag package offers the machine and essentials plus the carry bag with a price saving.

Sew a wide range of bulky and technical fabrics such as canvas / acrylic (ie. Sunbrella or Sauleda), PVC, sail cloth, leather, leather look fabrics, curtains (even tricky heading tapes) denim and upholstery fabrics plus many other types..

The Solent Leisure Pro has a longer 125mm (8.5") underarm space so can accommodate larger pieces than most other portable machines.

The sturdy wooden base has handy holes to make moving this robust machine easy. A convenient storage compartment in the base keeps all your tools and accessories together.

For added protection when storing and transporting in a boat / van / camper, we recommend the Solent Leisure Pro Carry Bag which is specifically designed to cushion the machine from knocks that might occur.


The Solent Leisure Pro comes with a heavy metal hand wheel as standard, driven by a 220–240 VAC motor (50/60Hz 0.45Amps) and a cogged belt and pulley drive system. Operate using the fully grounded, variable speed, electronic foot control with UK 3-pin plug (for Europe / outside UK an adapter can be fitted - not included).

Locked Wheel

Solent Leisure Pro has a locked clutch system to stop the clutch from slipping while sewing heavy fabrics. To wind a bobbin simply loosen the bolt with the supplied tool.

Simple, Straight Forward Sewing

The wide walking presser foot works with the feed dog to pull thick layers of fabric through the machine evenly top and bottom, in both forward and reverse. 

Stitch Length is consistent when switching from forward to reverse. Stitch length is locked with 2 locks to to leave both hands free for for handling the fabric.


The tough Leisure Pro has a strong, robust construction but is still portable for use around your home, on the patio, pontoon or camper van. 

Sewing Capabilities

The Leisure Pro features a 9.5mm (3/8”) high foot lift and long needle bar stroke, so you can sew just about anything you can fit under the sewing  foot. The Leisure Pro will easily sew through fabrics like:

    • Heavy canvas
    • Sailcloth
    • Upholstery fabrics
    • Denim
    • Vinyl
    • Window material
    • Soft leather
    • Hard leathers such as belts, dog leads etc
    • Curtain material and heading tapes
    • And more - send us your material sample we will try it and send you a video!

Customer Support

Solent provides knowledgeable support. Each Leisure Pro comes with a user manual that explains set-up and use, threading, lubrication and complete parts layout.

  • Shuttle: Oscillating (Cam & Rocker Arm Driven)
  • Power: 220 Volt (50/60 Hz), 150W, AC motor, 0.75 amp.
  • Max. Sewing Speed: 500 Stitches Per Minute
  • Min. - Max. Straight Stitch: 0-6 mm (Forward & Reverse)
  • Min. - Max. Zigzag Width: 0-5 mm (0 is Straight Stitch)
  • Needle System: 135x17 & 135x16, #90 (14) - #140 (22)
    • use also special 135x17 SERV7 and 135x17 SP1 needles
  • Presser Foot Lift: 9.5MM (3/8")
  • Needle Bar Stroke: 34 mm
  • Wooden Base Size: 550 x 225 x 75mm
  • Underarm Space: 215 x 114mm (8.5 x 4.5" )
  • Bobbin Size: Class 15 / Style A
  • Thread Take-Up Lever: Link Type 
  • Carrying Weight: 25KG (55 pounds) 

The essentials included with this model are:

  • sturdy wooden base with hand carry holes
  • large metal hand wheel to add power when sewing through thick layers
  • thread stand to allow you to use industrial cones of thread - they don't sit on top of the machine as the thread is pulled from the top
  • tool kit
  • oil bottle
  • 10 Schmetz needles size 130
  • 300m cone of V92 white thread
  • user manual

Solent Leisure Pro Warranty:

All parts and labour are fully guaranteed for 2 years by Solent. We are proud to provide you with everything you need to successfully maintain and repair your Leisure Pro. Should you choose to return your machine for repairs, you will be responsible for delivery both ways. We recommend you keep the machine cardboard box for such instances.

Please Note: Damage due to improper use or neglect, impact damage, and normal wear from use of the sewing machine as well as sacrificial components and accessories (needles, retaining ring cap spring, bobbins and gib hook) are not covered under this warranty.


We will be adding FAQ's about use and maintenance here.

FAQ and Tips

All instructions assume you are sat facing the sewing machine unless directed otherwise.

Which way round should the needle be?

  • The needle has a long groove down 1 side and a cut out (scarf) down the opposite side - your needle should be inserted with the long groove facing left and the cut-out facing right.
  • The needle should be inserted as far into the needle holder as it can be. 

Which way should I thread the needle?

  • Always thread the needle from left to right.

All Leisure Pro videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel here

Videos added:

Threading your Leisure Pro sewing machine

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