Find all the supplies you need to make boat covers, canopies, biminis, awnings, dodgers, sail bags, upholstery and cushions as well as outdoor cushions and covers for the garden or camper van. The possibilities are endless.

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Sewing machines

Sewing Machines

Portable heavy duty and industrial sewing machines for home or small business use. Suitable for sewing marine and outdoor fabrics.

Rolls of fabric

Sewing Fabric & Trimming

A range of hard wearing marine and outdoor fabrics. Make boat covers, awnings, biminis, dodgers and boat upholstery and cushions. Also suitable for outdoor spaces and camper vans.

Cotton reels

Sewing Thread Supplies

Sewing threads for a variety of purposes including marine, automotive and outdoor projects, upholstery and soft furnishings.

Empty reel

Sewing Parts & Accessories

Parts and accessories for Solent sewing machines and other brands; bobbins, needles and spares.


Cutting Equipment

A wide range of scissors & snips , electric scissors, rotary cutters and hot knives & rope cutters.

Sail eyelet

Sewing Hardware

Tools and accessories for eyelets, snap fasteners and other hardware.

Shipping Worldwide

26th January 2023 Katie Jenkins

Thanks for visiting our website! You may have noticed since our new website went live we have had to unfortunately turn shipping off to some locations. We can still send worldwide - to do this please email sales@solentsew.co.uk and we will send an invoice with a payment link. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. We hope to resume worldwide shipping soon. Please watch this blog space for updates.

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