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Unlike traditional metal trims, SNAD® is a plastic adhesive snap component.

  • This product will not snag clothing or deteriorate from exposure to sunlight, sand, or dirt
  • Plus, walking on SNAD® is pain free due to its unique dome shape
  • Installation is simple, clean the surface where the snap is to be applied, peel off the protective paper backing, position and firmly hold the snap in place and release.
  • No tools, no waiting, no splits, no holes!

Not all options are available. Available options are;

25mm - White - Dome

25mm - White - Flexible

25mm - Black - Dome

25mm - Black - Flexible

25mm - Clear - Flexible

40mm - White - Dome

40mm - White - Flexible

40mm - Black - Dome

40mm - Clear - Flexible

Sold individually. Each unit is one Stud. 

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